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REVIEW: "Mentality" by Ceet The Author

TITLE: Mentality
AUTHOR: Ceet The Author
GENRE: Street Lit/Urban Fiction
RELEASE DATE: 12/08/2011

** I received a copy of “Mentality”, from the author, in exchange for a fair and honest review.**

Mentality: The characteristic attitude of mind or way of thinking of a person or group.

There is much that can be determined about a person once their MENTALITY is discovered, and many believe that the way a person thinks influences their actions more than any other factor. For those things to be true, it would also mean that a person's MENTALITY would make their actions as predictable and easily read as an open book.

For David Horsham, Kyree Singh, and Natalie Porter, reading people's MENTALITY is more than a hobby, its a way of life. All three pride themselves on having the skills to predict other's movements, and all three use those skills to manipulate outcomes in their favor. They are slick and cunning, the best at what they do. But when all three paths cross one another, there can only be one left standing in the end. When MONEY, POWER, GREED, and REVENGE are involved, the battle becomes much more than a competition, its a matter of life and death. They are all used to being in control, but what happens when the roles are reversed?

In the fourth book from South Philly writer Ceet The Author, complex characters, intertwining storylines, and jaw-dropping twist and turns propel the story forward and keep the pages turning. MENTALITY is a detailed account about what happens when the powerful become the powerless, and the predators become the prey.

I received a copy of “Mentality”, from the author, in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Mentality, according to an online dictionary, is defined as a “habitual or characteristic mental attitude that determine how you will interpret and respond to situations.” This book follows three main characters’ (Kyree, Natalie, and Lidia) lives and gives an amazing account of how each character is either motivated or affected by money, wealth, power, and lust, how each of the things shape their mindsets or ”Mentality”, and the consequences, loves, and losses that these characters suffer as a result. “Mentality” follows three characters whose lives, and storylines intertwine into one book of betrayal and revenge.
Initially, after reading the first few chapters of this book, I thought that the book was leaning toward being about cheating from a man’s perspective, and that the title “MENtality” was a clever play on words. Because, the author is a man, writing about men, it did give a little insight as to how some men think and feel, especially toward women and relationships. 
As I read more of the book, a juicy storyline, was forming between Natalie, the mistress, Dave, the cheater, and his attention starved, neglected wife Lidia. Since, the book starts two years later with the character Kyree, I wanted to know how their lives intermingled with his. All I will say, for the sake of not giving anything away, is that the ending of this book will floor the readers. 
I enjoyed reading “Mentality”. It was very suspenseful and dramatic with enough erotica. It is just a good story, however I wish that the author wrote more detail in the story about how the revenge took place. All in all, I would definitely and have already recommend this book to others. I also feel that this story would make an amazing screenplay.

Ceet The Author is a writer/filmmaker from South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He began writing as early as age nine as a way to escape the harshness of his environment and he quickly found the craft both liberating and therapeutic. In 2009, Ceet took one of the many stories he’d crafted over the years and turned it into his debuted release, the instant hood classic “The Whore and The Virgin”. The positive feedback and support inspired him to then release his second effort “A Dog’s Day” later that same year. 

While still searching to find his voice as a writer, Ceet began working on another passion of his, filmmaking and videography. In 2010 he wrote, produced, and directed “The Wrong Few Brothas”, a mini movie/music video starring City Council and Jay Stars. After this project Ceet went on to produce and direct a wide number of independent film projects, including the documentary “The Dead End Movement”, “The BARZ freestyle series”, and the “Dead End Cyphers”. Ceet has also directed numerous music videos for artist in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, including the hottest video in the city in 2012, “The South Philly Anthem”. 

In 2012 Ceet returned his focus to writing and released his third novel, “Last Chance”. He also founded his own publishing imprint “BRP Entertainment” and released the first work under his imprint, City Council’s “At Any time.” Ceet followed that up with his customer highly rated fourth novel “Mentality” late in 2012. Fans of Ceet’s work credited his growth in style and creativity in this book. In January 2013 Ceet released the long awaited sequel to his first novel, “The Whore and The Virgin Part II” which was met with rave reviews. 

Today Ceet continues to work on building his writing and filmmaking career from his home in South Philly. He still self-publishes all of his work and produces skits and short films for the web. With several more releases set Ceet shows no signs of slowing down. 

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