Friday, June 19, 2015

"Just Once More" by Kyra Davis (REVIEW)

Robert Dade is a man who knows what he wants and never hesitates to go after it. Money, power, and—at long last—the woman he loves, Kasie Fitzgerald, are now his. But after so many years of living by his own rules will he really make the compromises necessary to keep Kasie by his side? And when a man even richer and more ruthless than he is takes an interest in Kasie, will Dade be able to protect her? Or will his controlling nature drive her toward the very danger he seeks to shield her from?

So the "Just One Night" series is the first  contemporary romance/erotica series that I've ever read.  I read began reading the first installment as thru novellas, and from the first page I was hooked, so when I got the opportunity to read  "Just Once More", I was absolutely elated. First of all, Mr. Robert Dade is my very first book boyfriend, Before all of the other book boyfriends of the world, for me it was all about Mr. Dade.  Kyra does not disappoint with "Just Once More". This book was everything. Well written, from the characters to intimate scenes You feel like you are in the book, a fly on the wall. While it's been a two years since the Just One Night was published, the characters do not falter from their original characteristics and personalities in the first book. If you've read the "Just One Night", all I have to say is PREPARED TO BE FLOORED.  All in all, this is an amazing read, sexy and suspenseful..... It's KYRA DAVIS!!!!! 

Kyra Davis is the New York Times bestselling author of the the JUST ONE NIGHT trilogy, SO MUCH FOR MY HAPPY ENDING and the Sophie Katz mysteries. She grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and is currently living in Southern California with her son and his charming, albeit moody leopard gecko. You can learn more about Kyra Davis and her books by visiting:

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