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"Uncensored Passion" by Bobbi Cole Meyer

TITLE: "Uncensored Passion"
AUTHOR: Bobbi Cole Meyer
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE: May 1, 2014

Book one in the Men of Passion Series: A contemporary erotic series about the passions and devotion of five men to the one woman who loves them all...

Kayla Saradon is a beautiful, respected psychiatrist who her friends claim has discovered the fountain of youth. Kayla wonders what her friends would say if they knew her secret is the polyandry lifestyle she shares with her four, studly "husbands" — each skilled in his own sexual specialty?

Then PI, Trey Sean Cameron, who is secretly investigating her lifestyle, explodes into her life. The ex-Army Special Forces operative raises emotions Kayla can neither control nor contain. Can Trey — a demanding and possessive lover — ever share in her lifestyle? If not, how far will she go to keep him?

"Uncensored Passion (Men of Passion)" is a story of secrets, lies, lust, and of course uncensored passion. 
Kayla Saradon is a blossoming psychiatrist at the top of her game. She's beautiful, intelligent, happy and appears to have it all. AND BOY, DOES SHE!!!!!! Four husbands to be exact. No one has any idea that behind closed doors and very privately, Kayla practices polyandry.  This lifestyle works for she and the four men in her life: J.J., Lee, Luke, and Harm. Each man shows his adoration, love and devotion in his own different way. Each man sexually satisfies Kayla with his own special skill.
Then Kayla meets Trey, who is insatiable and demanding of Kayla and her attention, but he has no idea of her alternative lifestyle.

This book is off the wall. I've read nothing like it before.The story line is definitely an original one. The scenes in this are HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT. That's one  HOT for each man that Kayla is with.... LOL!
Definitely a recommended read..... 5 STARS!

Thirty-three-year-old Lucas Wendell Cartwright (Luke), Kayla’s choice for her third “husband,” had moved to Nashville from Mississippi with high expectations of becoming a songwriter or entertainer. He had taught himself to play the piano and guitar at a young age, and by the time he was in his teens, had mastered both.
Though he was boyishly good looking and had an infectious personality with a sparkling, white-toothed grin, after six struggling years that bordered sometimes on starvation, he had not made his mark in the music business to the degree he had envisioned. He had only recently had several of his songs accepted by a well-known publisher/producer who assured him he could get him some cuts. Word was finally getting out to those in the know in Nashville that he was one of the best guitar pickers around, which was opening the door to play for various entertainers’ recordings.
To keep himself available for those calls, Luke had taken a temporary job in a bookstore, where the owner, a real music lover with empathy for struggling artists, was aware and agreeable that he might have to take time off occasionally when he was called to fill in on studio gigs.
But before that fortuitous happening, Luke had become completely dejected and was seriously considering returning to Mississippi the day he met Lee and Harm.
Nearly a permanent fixture at the local bookstore where he would later work, Luke was an avid reader with secret aspirations not only to conquer the music world, but one day become an author himself.
The day they met, Luke was so engrossed in his selection that he literally ran into Lee, which was—as he would laughingly recall later—like running into a brick wall.
It was a meeting that not only changed his mind about leaving Nashville, but changed his life forever.
Six feet tall and wiry, Luke was pleasantly muscled, keeping his body in shape with strenuous runs and exercise. He wore his lustrous brown hair long enough to secure it in a ponytail. His eyes were as unique as Kayla’s in a different way, but just as compelling. They were an unusually opaque gray and, once turned on you, seemed to hold you spellbound with their animal-like, hypnotic intensity. And when in the throes of orgasmic climax, they fascinated Kayla by the way they took on a steely, cutting-edge hue.
Luke was a nonconformist and free spirit, traits Lee and Harm had felt drawn to the day they met him in the bookstore after introducing themselves and carrying on a prolonged conversation.
Knowing Kayla’s penchant for good books, Lee and Harm had gone there in search of a particular one she had expressed a desire to read. They intended to present it to her on her forthcoming thirty-fifth birthday as an added surprise to go along with the cake and their personal written pledges of whole-body massages, complete with whatever submissively sensual pleasuring was her choice from each of them for another year.
The conversation among the men had progressed, and over the next few weeks, either Harm or Lee had continued to visit the bookstore. Soon the three men struck up a friendship. Finally, satisfied as to their similar philosophies and personal preferences, they invited Luke back to their home for a meeting with Kayla.
That meeting went just as they thought it might, with Luke’s reaction to the proposition placed before him almost predictably enthusiastic.
He and Kayla hit it off immediately. It was obvious that not only were they compatible, but sparks seemed to fly between them.
When Kayla asked if he would like to become her next “husband,” Luke’s answer was a resounding kiss, followed by a laugh and a promise to immortalize the moment in song. He never left.

* * *

As Kayla dropped her bathrobe languidly, Luke’s grey eyes heated up.
God, she’s beautiful. Toned, tanned, and sexy as hell.
For a moment, Luke’s mind went blank as a surge of lust went through him. With an effort, he reigned in his raging hormones and picked up his guitar.
“The song I’ve written about you, Kayla, is called, appropriately, ‘She Knows How To Ride.’ Don’t think it would be commercially acceptable, but then again, it’s subtle. Not exactly as explicit as what I would say if it was just you and me talking, so maybe it could be commercial. Anyway, it sure says what this horny guy feels.”
Then, with closed eyes, he began to sing.
“Nothing turns her on like turning me on
And the lady knows just how to do it.
Love made just right from dusk to dawn
Like she was naturally born to it

She knows how to ride
Queen of my midnight rodeo
Got my heart roped and tied
Lord, I love my cowgirl so
            ‘Cause she knows how to ride…
“So what do you think?” He asked with a grin as the last chords faded.
“I love it,” Kayla said, clapping her hands as she lay back on the bed, naked and waiting. “And I love you. Come here, husband, and let’s ride.”
He placed the guitar against the wall, shed his own clothes, and lay down beside her. “I meant every word, Kayla. Dammit woman, I am so gone on you.”
He kissed her, beginning at her eyes and working his way down to her mouth and her neck, then shoulders and stomach, while he gave his hands free rein to roam down her body.
His right hand lingered to seek and caress that most sensual spot, while his left played with her breast.
“Luke, you are just what I need tonight,” she whispered with a satisfied exhale of breath.
“You’re what I need every night, Kayla,” he declared as he rolled to the top of her and parted her legs, entering with a forceful thrust that locked them tightly together.
He began stroking, emitting grunts of pleasure, echoed by Kayla’s whispered, “Yes, yes.”
Suddenly, laughing, Kayla rolled them both sideways in order to reposition herself on top, in the dominant way she knew he liked, and frankly, she often preferred herself. She began riding him fiercely, her head back, her lips parted, her tongue licking her lips as she lifted and slammed down on him.
Luke’s hands tightened on her hips as he lifted to meet each demanding, grinding downward thrust she made.
Tossing her hair, Kayla laughed as she cried out an emphatic, “Yippee!”
“Ride me baby, ride me!” Luke urged as he bucked beneath her.
And she did.

Bobbi Cole Meyer is the pen name for Barbara Meyer, who relocated from her hometown of Jackson, Mississippi, to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue a career as a lyricist. Over the years Barbara has had numerous songs she co-wrote cut by major artists such as Tom Jones, Loretta Lynn, Barbara Mandrell, Barbi Benton, Stella Parton, and several others. She also co-wrote the theme song for the Italian movie, Summer Affair, with well-known guitarist and composer, Bucky Barrett. Now residing in Tennessee, with new hubby, Hank, Barbara is busy pursuing a second career, writing fiction, which she claims is her first love.


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